What kind of problems or issues may occur if they keep recording in this way?

An animal clinic keeps the records on the pets information in the spread sheet with the column headings: PetName, PetType, PetDOB, OwnerLastName, OwnerFirstName, Phone, Address, Service, ServiceDate, Charge. a. The clinic can keep the records in this way on the spreadsheet, but they will soon find inconveniences in handling the pets information. Think in terms of data entry, updating data, or deleting data. b. To avoid the above problems, the pet treatment information needs to be kept in separate “tables” such as Pet, Owner, and Service in the Microsoft Access terms. How these tables should be set up to keep the pet treatment information efficiently? You can write the table name and its contents such as TableName(fieldname1, fieldname2, etc). c. For the tables you set up in b, assign or add appropriate primary keys and foreign keys for each table. Some table wouldn’t need a foreign key. The primary key should be underlined, and foreign key in italic such as TableName(primarykeyname, fieldname1, fieldname2, foreignkeyname, etc).

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