What permits literature to exhibit its reality effects (in other words, why is Borgess world convincing? How does it parody/parrot academia, or not?)

1. Revision option: take your second paper, add in a discussion of anything we’ve read starting with Dora, and revise it into an 11 page paper. (You will have to write a new intro paragraph, of course.)

3. Memory, trauma, forgetting (Freud, Marker)
4. What makes childhood especially miserable? Is it that childhood is wretched, or is that it’s so wonderful and you can’t go back? What is nostalgia? What are the productive ways, if any, of dealing with it? (Freud)
5. How do we read Dora just like a novel? How do we read novels just like psychological analyses of real people? (and, for that, you can bring in the discussion of another novel)
6. How would Benjamin critique reality television? (and yes, pick and analyze a particular show)
7. Unreliable narrators (Freud, Marker, Borges)

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