What should they take from your story? Is there a lesson learned?

Narrative Essay The narrative essay is often the first type of essay that people are exposed to because it is essentially telling a story. We tell stories everyday about our experiences from the big moments to the small encounters. Narratives convey a story but still have a main point. There is something that you want your audience (whether a friend or family member) to get from your story. Narratives can inform the audience about something you learned. They can function as cautionary tales. For the narrative essay, read Chapter 1 (pp. 4-35) in your textbook on “Narratives.” The chapter outlines the basic requirements for writing a narrative essay. The author also provides you with several professional and student examples. For more examples, read/peruse Chapter 62 (pp. 602-644). After looking at the chapters, I’d like you to write your own narrative essay on a topic of your choice. I recommend that you e-mail me with your idea before you start the essay just to make sure the topic will work well for this assignment. Tips: Narratives usually focus on one moment, event, time period/day. Narratives should be highly descriptive. Think adjectives and addressing the five senses. Narratives provide the audience with a takeaway. Tip: Often times, students have trouble coming up with significant moments in their lives to transcribe for the narrative.

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