What stage of life might the protagonist be in, for example, and how would that influence her behaviour?

Why does the mother show concern for what her daughter has done, and how does she show her own authority?In the previous encounters between the delivery man and the daughter, how has he behaved? Why does he flee?Interpreting the story through an ideological lens needs to be balanced with the story, its nuances, and in its entirety. Avoid speculating about what the level of trust would have been for objects of his own male gaze because that is not relevant to your focus.Structure: Paragraphing has been well done in terms of length, but your introduction needs to be much more thorough and complete with respect to the story.Grammar and Diction: The tone is fine all the way through, and grammar and punctuation are generally well-handled. Avoid using the dash, however, which is too informal a punctuation mark.MLA: Your documentation in-text is fine, but References is not the correct title for MLA.

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