What steps would you need to follow to have an effective Portfolio management process?

Project Governance / Project Portfolio Management

You may need the following textbook:
Project Management: Principles, Processes and Practice
Hartley/Pearson Australia
ISBN: 9781442502659

Refer to the files I have provided. Refer to the instructions + marking guide.

There are 2 ZIP files which have been uploaded.

1 zip file which contains the 4Phones Intranet. In the zip file after you have extracted all the files, open 4phones.doc

The other ZIP file contains the other files:
stage4assignment4.pdf – the assignment instructions which includes the marking guide.
stage4assign4.txt – order instructions

What you have to do

Produce a report outlining what steps would you need to follow to have an effective Portfolio management process. You should list and explain at least 5 steps. The report should be 3-5 pages in length.

Save as Stage4Assignment4.docx


You may need the book ‘The Complete Project Management Office Handbook’ Chapter 5 – Project Governance

You may need the book ‘The AMA Handbook of Project Management, Second Edition’ Chapter 22 – Project Portfolio Management: Principles and Best Practice

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