What the sampling rate does and the effect of too low a rate

make sure you complete the document named DIGITAL AUDIO THEORY — LO3 – REPORT. Supply your solutions bellow each and every query. In the event you don’t comply with the guidelines and write it upon separate document it will likely be send right back.Thanks for understanding1: The Computer – Specification / components, peripheral bus systems and performance relating to the transfer of digital audio dataCPU Type: (Provide info & justification)RAM Type and amount: (Provide info & justification)Internal Hard Drive: (Provide info & justification)Graphics Card: (Provide info & justification)Local Bus Speed / Type: (Provide info & justification)External Interface Busses: (Provide info & justification)Digital Audio Bit-Rate: (Based on brief and External Bus type e.g. Firewire, Thunderbolt, USB 3.0)2: The DAW – Specification / components, the hardware interfacing and interconnection protocolsThe Computer: (Provide Manufacturer / Model & Justification)The DAW Software: (Provide Manufacturer / Model & Justification & what it does)The Audio Interface: (Provide Manufacturer / Model & Justification & what it does e.g. A to D & D to A conversion)The MIDI Interface: (Provide Manufacturer / Model & Justification & what it does. Also if part of audio interface or not, or if direct USB connection to keyboard)The Control Surface: (Provide Manufacturer / Model & Justification & what it does)External Hard Drive: (Provide Manufacturer / Model & Justification & what it does)3: System Diagram – With explanation of integration for music and audio productionExample:MIDI Signal Path Integration: (Provide an explanation of how MIDI is integrated into the DAW e.g. trigger of Instrument Plug-Ins and/or External MIDI equipment)Audio Signal Path Integration: (Provide an explanation of how Audio is integrated into the DAW e.g. mention use of plug-ins for altering the sound)4: Storage Requirements – Based on requirements of the brief and in relation to other industry standard sampling frequencies and bit depth resolutionsThe requirements based on the client brief are: (perform the calculation below and give an example of how many sessions could be stored on the external hard drive)5: The Effects of Different Sampling Rates / Bit Depths – in relation to audio qualityReference should be made to:• • Nyquist Theorem• Sample rate and discuss Anti-aliasing and Reconstruction filters• 16-bit or 24-bit and SNR• Internal resolutions (within the DAW) and dither6: Processing Requirements – For digital audio signals in relation to industry standard sampling frequencies, bit depth resolutions and data transfer rates(Give a description of what impact the above mentioned criteria would have on the overall system processing. E.g. impact on processors, hard drive, software design, plug-in design, OS)

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