What the Various Birds Represent in Geoffrey Chaucers, The Parliament of FowlsIt feels like the intro part is too long and does not specifically explain what the various birds represent in the poem.

Can you mention and write more about how the different species are hierarchical, representing the English class structure. Individual birds might represent political figures, but overall the parliament of fowls is a stand-in for the relatively new English parliament. Each species of bird seems to know its place, in contrast to a democratic notion of social equality. Also, the male and female birds generally seem to act like male and female humans.
The has to be a central argument, should be an argument that can be disagreed with, one that takes a position and stakes a central claim.PLEASE USE THE TEXT (QUOTES) as much as you can. This will really support the idea.
Think about how does the passage you quote support the main argument? How do the details add up to the whole?There has to be in total of 3 secondary sources (scholarly research). The text itself and the translation cannot be considered as secondary sources. Those are primary.

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