What trait/s does the character exhibit that might cause giftedness or extreme talent to be dismissed?

Novel (Psychological Profile) (30 points)Millicent MinTask: Write a reflective essay (psychological profile on a gifted individual) using the questions and prompts below.
1. Give a brief overview of the setting and plot of the novel as it serves as a showcase for the gifted individual.
2. Write a short, pertinent biography of the gifted individual.
3. Using the TABs document, identify his or her areas of exceptionality.
4. How does the gifted character exemplify someone with gifted abilities? Cite specific examples of each trait from the text.

6. What are various perspectives or impressions of other characters in the novel when relating to the gifted individual?
7. How do the relationships shared by the gifted individual nurture or deter his or her development or potential?
8. How does the gifted individual eventually choose to deal with his or her giftedness?
9. How can the gifted individuals social, emotional, and academic needs be met in the classroom?
10. Share other impressions or insights that you may have that are based on the novel.
Each question or prompt is worth 2-4 points out of 25 points.

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