What was happening in history when the artwork was created? (10pts). Was this artwork influenced by history or another artist (10pts)? Explain. I also want to know, what was it about this piece that captured your interest.

Requirements: The paper must be in MLA formating. 4-6 pages double spaced. This total does not include the Works Cited page. The paper must include a Works Cited page. ASSIGNMENT: Go to a museum or gallery and experience art first hand. Come back here and tell me about it. Write about an art work that captured you (5pts). If you are by chance deployed or your work schedule does not allow a field study tell me about a particular artwork that you have seen in the past (5pts). Be certain to include important details such as: The name of the museum or gallery (5pts). Answer: National Infantry Museum at Fort Benning, GA Date attended (5pts) Answer: 07 October 18 Title of the artwork (5pt) Answer: Original name was The Infantryman, however in 1964 it was renamed Follow Me Who was it by (5pts) Answer: PFC Karl H Van Krog & PFC Manfred Bass What year was it created (5pts) Answer: 1959 Explain its theme (the subject) i.e. gender, politics, religion, etc. (10pts). Answer: The sculpture captured my interest because of the fact that my husband is in the service. However, he is not a Infantryman, he is a Calvary Scout. So he works pretty close with Infantryman. Format MLA format (10pts), Bibliography (10pts), Spelling and grammar (10pts), Length (10pts)

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