What was in the artwork that you liked, or didnt like? WHAT TO SUBMIT: The paper must be computer printer generated, using 1 1?2 spacing.

OBJECTIVE: A very basic objective of this course has been the integration of many aspects of culture and social structures existing within various periods and civilizations as a means of understanding the artworks produced by different peoples of other times. This technique or approach to the study of Art History is given the general term “iconology.” To make this process of investigations a little more personally meaningful, and in preparation of the Final Exam, you are to make your own survey of Modernism and its artist. Thus, you are to select two artists from each of the five chapters in the textbook that cover the time span of 1850 1960. In the 8th edition of the text, these are chapters 25, 26, 27, 28 and 29. In older editions of the book, the chapters might be different. For this paper, just cover the artists working in the time frame of 1850 to 1960. From each chapter, you are to pick two artists you like. In total, you are writing about ten (10) artists. For each artist, you are to write a short paragraph of what you found as the most prominent characteristics of their work most that affected your choice. In other words, what influenced you most as to why you like or dont like their work? It will not be acceptable to say I just dont like it or something to that effect. You must communicate some reasons as to why your preference was one way or another. You might base your answer not only on what it looked like, but other issues with the art that are not in the art directly. For instance, what the art was for?, for whom the art was created?, was it a act of political or cultural protest?, a concern for a religious issue?, etc. Or, you didnt like the artist as a person. In any case, always try to answer the question, why? So that your paper is cohesive and makes sense, be sure to include in each discussions, the following:For computer print-outs, please use a serif font, preferably a font similar to Times Roman (the serif font used here). No hand written papers will be accepted! Identification of the art What period or art movement are they most associated? (Which of the isms of Modern art are they connected with?) Identification of an artwork by the artist (what is it, , when was it made, where, etc.?) Books Required – History of Art, Vol. II. by Janson & Janson 8th Edition

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