What were the profound political, social, intellectual, and religious implications of the Protestant Reformation as a result of Luther?

Read the Chapter 23 Library Database Article, “The Luther Legacy” and pages 493 & 495 (5th edition) or pages 506-510 (6th edition) in Traditions and Encounters. And Answer the following questions:

1) Briefly summarize the article from the Library Database. (One paragraph)
2) Use BOTH the article and related textbook reading to help answer the question in bold above.
3) Describe what you liked or disliked about the article. How did the information presented in the article compare with the information found in the text?
4) Compare the two readings to sum up your paper.Write a two page, double-spaced paper discussing the readings. Submit it as a WORD document.Luther article details: THE LUTHER LEGACY.
Authors:Wilson, Derek
Source:History Today. May2007, Vol. 57 Issue 5, p34-39. 6p.If you are unable to find the readings online please message me ASAP and I will send you a screenshot of the information for you to read. Or i can try to scan it over to an email.

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