What were your observations? Did you see unprofessional conduct? If so, please explain. Was there exceptional or good customer service? Compare a good employee and a bad employee? Who would you hire and why?

This is a response paper in essay format, 3 pages long. You will be conducting participant observations and also taking part in the experiment. This assignment will assess 2 specific parts, your participant observations and taking part in an experiment. First, the participant observations in laymans term is, people watching, not only that, but also listen, note conversations and employee to employee and employee/customer interactions. Etc., etc., etc. Second, in taking part of the experiment your job is to go to retail posts where you see customer and employee interactions. Great places to go are car dealerships, cellphone stores and kiosks at the mall, high-end stores and even gyms or nutrition shops. Watch how people interact, communicate, watch their non-verbal gestures. Pay attention to how employees react to customers. Pay attention to how employees approach, how employees act, whether it is professional or not. Listen to their conversations, were the conversations appropriate and professional.

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