What were your significant learning moments in this course? What suggestions do you have to improve the course?

Writing this paper presents you with the opportunity to take a high-level view of the learning you have experienced during this course. Throughout the term, you have studied many topics. In this paper, you will consider the big picture and how various topics and principles you have studied interrelate with one another. You also will consider your personal learning experience in this course and the general insights have you gained. Consider the following questions as you prepare to write your paper: Based on your experience and expectations, how would you characterize what you have learned in this course? Trigger Questions You may use these trigger questions to help frame your thinking and perspectives about your learning for your discussion in your reflection paper. You may use all or none of them; you may also write your own trigger questions. In either case, it is not necessary for you to answer each question individually. The point of using the trigger questions is to stimulate your thinking and reflection about what you are learned during the course and how the different topics you encountered are related to one another. What are the skills and concepts that I applied to successfully complete the activities for this course? How will these skills and concepts help me to prepare for my career goals? How do these skills and concepts relate to skills and concepts I have encountered previously? Has my earlier understanding of any concepts changed in light of the material in this course? What ah-ha moments have I experienced while studying this material? What have I learned about my own thinking or work habits during the course to this point? How has my thinking or my work habits changed? Was the change positive or negative?

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