What were your thoughts as to how St.Georges was received in his new environment?

Le Mozart NoirLe Mozart Noir is available on YouTube. If you go to YouTube and put in Le Mozart Noir, it will appear as Le Mozart Noir: Reviving legend.The essay is to be based solely on what you saw and heard in the documentary. You may include your impressions of the music you heard: For example, does it compare either positively or negatively to classical music you might have heard. Questions:
– Were you surprised that St.Georges father brought him and his mother to Europe?

– Even though St.Georges reached the top of his profession, was he seen as a full member of Parisian society?
– In spite of everything that he managed to accomplish, was he still subjected to the same racial attitudes and prejudice that people of color experience in todays world? Compare his struggles by using specific examples in todays world and in the world in which St. George lived to explain how we are still struggling with the same racial issue that St.George faced during his lifetime.
– Why is he not in any textbooks?Remember: much of the documentary and St.Georges life takes place during the Age of Enlightenment in Europe.
You may also include anything that you find to be of interest or important in your essay.Please understand that you are not being asked to trade this assignment as a biographical essay on the life of St.George!!! You are being asked to write an essay that makes connections between how St.George was treated during his lifetime, in spite of all of his talent and abilities, and how he was not given the respect that his achievements and accomplishments demanded.

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