What would have Karl Max thought about the Holocaust?

Marxists Perspective on the Holocaust: What Would Karl Max Have Said?
The Holocaust is considered one of the darkest events in worlds history. Historical analysts believe the Holocaust was advanced by the theory of Social Darwinism and resistance towards communist ideas of Karl Max. Marxist theorists have attempted to understand the uniqueness of the Holocaust. For most of the part, these thinkers have regarded the Holocaust as a byproduct of fascism conceived as a screen for rule by imperialistic factions of monopoly capital. This research paper will further advance the framework of Marxism by analyzing the Holocaust from a Marxist perspective. It will attempt to determine how Karl Max could have viewed the Holocaust and what ideologies could he have developed by then.
Research Question
In order to advance an understanding of Marxist perspective of the Holocaust, the following research questions will need to be addressed:

2. What ideologies would he have used to either support or oppose the Holocaust?
3. What conclusions would he have made?
Project Justification
Karl Max was known for his disapproval of capitalism, terming it as a foundation for class oppressions. The Holocaust is a historical event marked by several incidences of oppression of people considered to be of lower social class. The views of Karl Max would have helped historians to understand the causes of the Holocaust and possibly identify effective strategies to deal with similar incidences in the future. This research project is important for understanding international relations because it offers perspective on how ideological differences can contribute to conflicts between nations. It also advances an understanding of different economic and political systems and how they affect the relationship between countries.

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