What would you collect in the first phase and how would that effect your data collection in the second phase? 8-What do you think are three benefits of using mixed methods research in rehabilitation?

1-Defining mixed methods research includes all of the following EXCEPT: a-Only one form of data is integrated into the design analysis. b-Procedures are incorporated into a distinct mixed methods design that also includes the timing of the data collection as well as the emphasis. c-The procedures for both qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis will be conducted rigorously. d-It involves the collection of both qualitative and quantitative data in response to research questions or hypotheses 2-Mixed method research can explain quantitative results using a qualitative follow-up data collection and analysis. a-True b-False 3-In this design the researcher collects both quantitative and qualitative data, analyzes them separately then compares the results of see if the findings confirm or disconfirm each other. a-Explanatory Sequential b-Exploratory Sequential c-Convergent Parallel d-Transformative 4-In this type of research the researcher collects quantitative data in the first phase, analyzes the results and uses them to plan phase two. The quantitative phase informs the types of participants to be purposefully selected for the qualitative and types of questions that will be asked. a-Convergent parallel b-Embedded c-Explanatory sequential d-Exploratory sequential 5-In this type of mixed methods research, the researcher collects qualitative data in the first phase, analyzes the results and uses them to plan phase two. The qualitative phase informs the quantitative phase. a-Exploratory sequential b-Convergent parallel c-Explanatory sequential d-Embedded 6-In a convergent parallel mixed method design, what are the three ways data can be analyzed? 7-Provide an original example of an explanatory research design. Support your opinion with examples from the reading. Please read Chapter 10 carefully in order to answer the quiz questions

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