Which leadership theory or theories would best describe the styles of the four directors who preceded Tammy MacDonald at the YMCA center? Why?

Please read the attached case on The Scarborough YMCA: Getting Back on Track. Your task is to use the many organization theories that you have learned to help Tammy MacDonald assess the situation at the YMCA facility before she takes over as director. The assessment should focus on the past leadership, employee motivation, organizational culture, and strategies for change. You should aim to submit a maximum of 8 pages, 1.5 line spacing, with all references being in proper APA format. In addition, please attach at the Submission and Evaluation (rubric) Forms at the beginning of your paper. How would these theories help Ms. MacDonald to understand why the directors were successful or unsuccessful? 2) Given what you know of Tammy MacDonald, what leadership style do you think would work best for her given the situation at the Scarborough YMCA? Why? 3) Using concepts discussed in the text, describe the culture in which Tammy MacDonald will be working and suggest how she might give leadership to that culture and build a successful work-team. 4) Based on the information in the case, describe the YMCAs organizational structure and discuss how that structure changed in 2003. Do you think this structure is the most effective given the mission and values of the YMCA? Why or why not?

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