Why do feminist legal perspectives sometimes disagree about whether sex work should be decriminalized or legalized?

Draw on relevant feminist theory, court cases, and/or social science research to support your argument.Format/Style: The essay must be no longer than 2,400 words. This maximum does not include footnotes, which should be kept relatively short. A bibliography is required, but it also is not part of the word count. Please include your word count on the final page. The essay should be written in a scholarly style, and include appropriate headings and footnotes. References should be based on The Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation (McGill Guide) 9th ed. (Toronto: Carswell, 2018). Or you can use a different formal citation style, such as the MLA Handbook or The Chicago Manual of Style. General Instructions: The essay should involve both description and critical analysis of the research material you draw on to support your response (your overall argument) to the question you choose to answer. The second element i.e. critical analysis is more important than the first, and should comprise the majority of your assignment. By critical evaluation, I do not mean negative. Instead, I mean that you must think hard about your impressions of the research question and the materials you find, and tell the reader of your essay something about the following kinds of issues:
1) Why is your research question important or interesting, e.g. empirically and theoretically?
2) What is your response or position on this question i.e. what is your thesis?
3) How will you support your thesis e.g. what evidence will you cite, what method will you employ, and/or on what theoretical perspectives will you rely?
4) How is your essay organized?
5) How do the ideas and examples in your essay relate to the course materials and themes that we are covering in class (e.g. on the nature, role or limits of criminal law in society)?
6) How do the ideas and examples in your essay relate to the broader literature on the topic that you are addressing? What assumptions are made by you and the broader literature?**Does not specify how many sources required but 5-8 (max) sources would probably be good**

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