Why do you believe that Ford got into this predicament? Do believe that a similar predicament could happen today? Why?

In 1979 Ford Motor Company had a crisis on their hands. They rushed the production of the Ford Pinto and created a vehicle that was unsafe. A detailed description of the case can be found at the link below. The case study describes the issues involved in the case and Fords actions in response to the allegations. https://www.motherjones.com/politics/1977/09/pinto-madness I will also provide a link to this site through BlackBoard. Be aware that the websites listed at the end of this link are no longer active. If you want to do more research on the topic you will have to conduct a new search in your search engine of choice. You will be required to take this case and assume that you are now a consultant to Ford in 1979 after the concerns were made public. Use the concepts that you have learned throughout the semester to design a corrective action plan that will incorporate Corporate Social Responsibility. You may also Google Ford Pinto and get additional information about this case. To begin with in this assignment you are to explain the issues that are at play in the study. You are also to present your reaction to the case. In your corrective action plan you are to incorporate at least the following issues related to corporate social responsibility: Why should Ford incorporate a Corporate Social Responsibility Plan? Who are the stakeholders? What role did each play in the development of the case and what should be taken into consideration for each of these stakeholders as a corrective plan is developed? How would you incorporate Carrolls Corporate Social Responsibility Hierarchy into your plan? Give a moral, rational and economic argument for Ford incorporating social responsibility. How would you incorporate the triple bottom line into your plan? Incorporate vision, mission, strategies and tactics into your plan. An important part of your response is your recommendations as to what Ford should do to correct the situation. I know this happened 30 years ago but assume that you are making recommendations to Ford when this went public. Take some time with this final. Just covering the above issues will get the student a B or C. The A final will be well written, clear and creative. It will also incorporate other issues from the text or websites. The paper should be at least 5 pages and doubled spaced. Try to be creative with this assignment.

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