Womens Status in two Muslim Majority States. Ziba Mir-Hosseini(2006). Muslim Womens Quest for Equality: Between Islamic Law and Feminism.

Critical Inquiry 32 (Summer 2006) 629-645.Find one essay *not in the course readings * that discusses womens status in another Muslim-majority society than Iran.
Your paper must be published in one of the following journals in the past 7 years:
1.Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society
2.Feminist Review
3.Canadian Womens Studies
4.Journal of Middle Eastern Womens Studies
5.Womens Studies International ForumCompare and contrast the similarities and differences between two papers paying special attention to:
1.Topic:-Main topic, issues identified by the author;-Time period covered by the paper-Kind of women and their struggles represented2.Context (provided by the paper or through your own research)
-Ideological character of the state-History and Politics of the state and society-History of Islam and modernization in the society-History & Status of Womens Rights: (particularly in education, marriage, property, health, citizenship, employment, mobility, violence against women).3.Thesis (of the paper)-the key thesis of each paper -arguments presented by the author to support the thesis-key concepts used by the author4.Critical analysis-How persuasive was each author?-What were the strengths and weaknesses of each? -What conclusion do you draw from this comparison? Why.OBJECTIVE: Your essay must demonstrate that:
a)You have read and clearly understood the essay topic.
b)You have read and understood the key arguments and position of all both authors
c)You are able to identify key political, historical, cultural and other contextual similarities and differences in the two societies.
d)You are able to identify, explain and analyze the similarities and differences in the position of each author from the others.
e) You may use any other material *from this course* to support your conceptual arguments. In addition you may use 1-3 other journal articles or scholarly reference sources for your data/background information

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