Write a 1.5- to 2.5-page review for the private security company, presented in the garage shooting scenario (see attachment), in which you discuss necessary information for hiring policies and procedures. Make sure to address the following: TO GET AN “A” on this assignment you must use robust point-counterpoint court case analysis and comparison and the other higher order analytics from the detailed guide in announcements.

This company does not need just a list of dictionary legal terms or boilerplate hiring rules- they need in depth analysis of actual court cases on negligent hiring and retention, negligent supervision, respondeat superior, vicarious liability, “in the course of employment”, court cases discussing due diligence and “piercing the veil” of superficial paper background checks, etc. Identify the agencies that regulate the private security company. Discuss how those agencies investigate regulatory compliance. Describe how OSHA laws may affect the private security company. Determine the benefits of internal investigations and compliance training as part of the hiring policies and procedures.

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