Write a brief topic summary as introduction. This will serve as a background and context; it will show how the work you plan adds to the current body of knowledge on the topic.

Write a 1,500 word proposal for further analysis and research on the topic you wrote about in the persuasive essay. If you do not wish to investigate further sources for this topic, pick another topic, but be sure to get your instructors approval before you go ahead with the work.
Please note that this proposal is academic in focus; it is the kind of proposal that many professors ask for as preparation for writing a full length research paper. Thus, practice in using this format and this approach to long term research based on published sources (mostly in written form) will help you to succeed in other courses.
Recall the definition of a proposal as a plan for further work; you do not necessarily have to read the sources on your list of references but you do not to have some working knowledge of the topic. The plan is to do some reading and research (based on questions that have already emerged in your reading of the topic). As yourself: what have I done already on this topic? What could I do to extend that? Are there further solutions to a problem that need to be assessed? Are there related topics that should be investigated?
a) Provide a title that reflects the topic and the work you plan to do.

c) Write a purpose statement for the proposal; add a statement or a questions that sums up a problem you want to analyze.
d) Explain why you are the right person to do this project and express enthusiasm for the task.
e) Indicate a time line that would be appropriate for completing the work.
f) Present a list of references; aim for about ten sources.
Provide some headings for each section of the proposal.

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