Write a cause and effect argument in which you address the question, How has social media impacted American culture?

Proofreading ChecklistRead through your paper and check the appropriate boxes on the chart below. If any area of your paper needs revision, make sure you correct it. Reading & Study Application Successful Needs Revision

1. Introduction: Establishes a context for the argument by explaining the need to examine causes or to consider effects; states the essays thesis (Make sure you address one of the prompt questions.)
2. Background: Gives an overview of the situation
3. Evidence: discusses less important causes or effects
4. Evidence: discusses major causes or effects
5. Integrates at least 4 quotes, 1 summary, and 1 paraphrase from at least 3 outside sources
6. Refutation of opposing arguments: Considers and rejects other possible causes or effects
7. Conclusion: Reinforces the arguments main point; includes a strong concluding statement
8. Contains pathos (emotional) appeals, ethos (values/belief) appeals, and/or logos (factual) appeals as appropriate
9. Title reflects issue and proposal information
10. Uses only third person pronouns (all first and second person pronouns have been removed)
11. If using current APA format, contains properly formatted, title, abstract, and References page.
If using MLA format, contains a properly formatted Works Cited page
If using Turabian format, contains a properly formatted title page and Bibliography page
12. Double spaced; 12-point Times New Roman font
13. Uses signal phrases and appropriate transtions
15. References/Works Cited/ Bibliography page includes all sources cited within the body of the essay
14. Checked spelling, grammar/mechanics
IMPORTANT: Fully cite all quotations, summaries, and paraphrases used within your essay, or those excerpts will be regarded as plagiarism and will result in a 0 on your essay and possible course failure.

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