Write a comparison and contrast essay.

ur first essay is a comparison and contrast essay. The purpose of a such an essay is either to show how two or more things are similar to each other or to show how two or more things are different from each other. The Bedford Guide for College Writers discusses more about this strategy. Subjects Please choose one of the subjects below and choose a topic that fits under that subject which you can write about: A first impression and a later point of view An expectation and its reality These topics are a bit more challenging than comparing two objects. But the more sophisticated and challenging the topic the better and more meaningful the comparison will be. For example, it’s easy to understand a comparison of colleges, and it’s not usually interesting. But to understand a comparison between what you used to think of a college and what you think of it now, is infinitely more interesting of a comparison and has more merit with any reader. Creativity is always encouraged! Goals To communicate the change in a personal situation or your point of view, as well as communicating the reason for the comparison and contrast, or “story” of the topic. To understand and use lengthening strategies for the traditional five paragraph essay structure. To understand and correctly use a thesis paragraph. To create an introductory paragraph that not only welcomes your readers, but captivates them into wanting to read the entire essay. Length and formatting The essay should be between 1,000- 1,250 words, 1 inch margins on all sides, double spaced, and a cover page. The type should be 12pt. font. Please respect the length requirements. If a paper is too short, the topic won’t be fully developed; and if the essay is too long, the essay may go off-topic or the topic may be over developed. (Yes, it’s possible to over develop a topic.) Limitations Do NOT: Use any form of the word you Write about an experience that isn’t finished (example: college isn’t finished, but the first quarter might be) Ask questions in the paper Use research in the paper Evaluation Evaluation is based on these criteria: Structure and Organization Construction of explanation Focus Transitions from one idea to the next A thorough exploration of the chosen topic Content Depth of topic Unity of ideas Coherent thought Depth of explanation and support Grammar and Spelling Conformity to standard grammatical rules Language Articulate and clear arguments Variation of sentence types Complexity of language Appropriate word choice Economy of language Structure Make sure to follow the following structure (note the six paragraphs) for this assignment. Take note of the minimum number of sentences, if any, for each of the paragraphs. Follow the directions as closely as possible though paragraphs may contain more than the required minimum and the essay may contain more than six paragraphs. Introduction The introduction should catch the readers attention with the first few sentences and pull the reader into the essay. The topic of the essay should be introduced here, although the thesis statement should be saved for the thesis paragraph. Thesis Paragraph The thesis paragraph simply states the main idea of your essay, also known as the “thesis statement.” This paragraph also contains a few sentences which begin to introduce the main points you will cover in order to effectively communicate that idea to your audience. For the sake of this assignment the thesis paragraph contaisn a thesis statement and sentences discussing the sub points of the comparison. Sub point A should explain what the first impression or the expectation was. Sub point B* should explain what the new impression is or what the reality of the situation is. Sub point C* should explain how or why the impression or expectation changed. * Sub points B and C are interchangeable. You can talk about the change before you talk about the new impression or reality. Support Paragraphs A, B, and C The function of a support paragraph is to offer the reader information necessary for them to understand your thesis statement. One paragraph might explain why you had that first impression. Another may explain how foolish you felt to realize what the person was really like. A support paragraph for the other topic may explain how you built your expectations while another may explain the joy, disappointment, or anger you felt when you realized the truth of the situation. A support paragraph generally contains a simple statement of the paragraph’s main idea, also known as the “topic sentence.” This paragraph also contains at least a few sentences further developing the paragraph’s main point, also known as “support sentences.” For the sake of this particular assignment, each support paragraph must contain a total of at least five sentences: one topic sentence and at least four sentences further developing the paragraph’s main point. You may find it necessary to have more than one paragraph to explain a point (ex: 1 paragraph for the concept, 1 for paragraph for an example), but be sure not to go over the maximum word length for the essay. Summary Paragraph The summary paragraph is almost exactly like the thesis paragraph. It functions in the same way, stating the essay’s overall main idea, and touching on each of the main points again. However, even though the ideas and functions are the same, you don’t want to insult your reader by just repeating the same sentences. Rewrite the sentences in a new way. Think of it as an opportunity to say the same things in a new way in order to appeal to as many readers as possible. Due Dates Week 2 Friday, 11:55 pm Outline Week 3 Friday, 11:55 pm First draft Week 4 Friday, 11:55 pm Final draft should be submitted through Turnitin.com.

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