Write a full two page review of this product (technology, clothes, food, whatever youve bought) and discuss what you like and do not like about the product and why.

You want your review to be clear to the point that the reader either wants to buy the product or does not want to buy it.
Must have an introduction that is at least seven to ten sentences and ends with a thesis.
Need body paragraphs with clear topic sentences, supporting details, and a conclusion sentence.
End with a conclusion paragraph that is at least seven to ten sentences and starts by restating the thesis.
You must use transitions.
The paper must adhere to MLA.
You will be graded on grammar and how clear your review is.
You cannot use second person.
VERY MINIMAL first person.
No slang.
Paper must be no more than four pages.
You must provide a link to the item or pictures if you do not have a link. Send more than one picture with different angles of the product.

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