Write a paper of not less than nine pages with comprehensive research explaining Americas policy on immigration over the course of the last 40 years; (ii) explain the main points of disagreement among Republicans and Democrats in Congress on what should be contained in an enacted set of laws on immigration (iii) any recent unsuccessful attempts to enact immigration legislation.

All information included in a research paper that is taken from a source must be properly footnoted with credit given. This will include footnoting of each sentence that reflects information taken from a source. When preparing written assignments, that require sources, do not use the textbook, textbook materials, or generalized cites such as Wikipedia for sources. You may certainly use Wikipedia or similar sources as a starting point, if helpful in getting a generalized understanding of an area and as a source to lead you to credible academic articles, newspaper articles, legal opinions or other sources that will be employed in your papers. If you quote from a source it must be properly identified as a quotation. Dont do papers in which you merely quote source after source as opposed to utilizing selected quotation of sources in a paper that is drafted by you. Furthermore, I expect the papers to be written with proper spelling, sentence structure, and footnoting. IF YOU HAVE DIFFICULTY WRITING COMPLETE SENTENCES AND SPELLING, MAKE IT A POINT TO COME SEE ME EARLY IN THE SEMESTER. BE PREPARED TO DEVOTE SOME TIME TO THE WRITING CENTER.
The written assignments will be graded on the basis of legal content and legal research, quality of your grammar, sentence structure, spelling and compliance with footnotes/citations. If you have difficulty in terms of spelling, grammar, or writing a complete sentence, go to the writing center now. I will not mark all of these types of errors on your paper, but will only note there is a problem. There is no excuse for turning in written assignments with misspellings, incomplete sentences, or grammatical errors. You can check your paper on these issues at cites such as www.spellcheck24.net and www.grammarly.com. ALSO REMEMBER THAT YOU CAN SEE ME DURING OFFICE HOURS TO GENERALLY REVIEW YOUR PAPER PRIOR TO ITS SUBMISSION DATE OR YOU CAN EMAIL IT TO ME FOR COMMENT. Do not present a draft to me on the day of or day before it is due, but give me more lead time if you want my preliminary comments.
Over the course of the past forty years, Congress has failed to enact a comprehensive immigration policy for those wishing to come from other countries to live permanently in the United States. The failure to enact comprehensive immigration regulation has culminated in 2018 in huge battles over subjects such as (i) the treatment of individuals who have illegally crossed into the United States; (ii) the procedures that should be followed in determining whether an immigrant has legitimate grounds for claiming asylum in the United States, whether illegal immigrants that are caught by ICE should be immediately given a hearing on whether they have legitimate grounds for claiming asylum in the United States or released with the agreement they will return at a later time for a hearing; (iv); whether children brought illegally into the United States by their families should have a path to citizenship or permanent legal residence in the United States (Dreamers); (v). What criterion should be applied in determinations as to whether those that seek legal citizenship should be granted such (i.e. citizenship granted purely on the potential immigrants merits, or alternatively, whether the United States should continue programs known as chain migration and the visa lottery system. (vi). Whether a wall should be built separating Mexico from the United States to deter potential illegal crossings; and (vii). Whether the United States should simply adopt an open borders policy for those who want to migrate to our country.

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