Write a pitch for a TV executive or film producer to adapt one of our graphic novels for TV or film. What would you say to persuade them of the novels value in 2018? Can you propose a short list of actors for each major character?

Where would you want to film it, or what kind of sets would you recommend? What would the costumes be, or what other choices might you want to explain in your pitch? Who is the likely audience for your TV/film adaptation? How long would your final product be, and where would it be broadcast? The more detailed your pitch, the better. Write a proposal for adapting an existing novel, poem, or play into a graphic novel. Why is the text a good candidate for graphic novel adaptation? What style would you propose it be, what aspects of the original would need to be deleted or expanded, and what are some of the major elements of the graphic novel version that you would argue are important to consider? Who would be the intended audience for your graphic novel? Would it be a mainstream book or a more indie production? If the original author is alive, do you think they would support the graphic novel adaptation? (It is fine to choose a text I have not yet readI will take a look at it before grading your project, of course.) Imagine a parent or a university administrator saying that a course like ours (Graphic Novel course) is not academic and should not exist at the college level. Write a paper in response to their position. What makes graphic novels a valuable genre of literature to read and discuss? What are the main attributes of an excellent graphic novel? What about all the graphic novels out there that are not as literarydo they invalidate the genre? You do not need to focus on our class in particular, and you may find it easier to imagine defending the idea rather than our specific syllabus. You may write this response in the form of an academic paper, an editorial, a speech, a Power Point Presentation accompanied by a script, or in whatever other form makes sense to you. Ultimately, your response should somehow contend with the idea that graphic novels are or are not academic, and to do so you will want to consider what it means to be academic and youll need to decide how invested you are in that concept. If you prefer a more traditional option, you may identify a theme common in more than one of our novels and you may write an argumentative paper about that theme.

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