Write a reflection entry for each of the assigned readings, being sure to include reflections on, personal reactions, philosophical reflections, and critical analyses.

You are encouraged to relate personal experiences, examples, anecdotes, and/or school observations to the readings. Please label each response with the title of the reading for ease of identification. Each article should have a reflection analyses of 1 to 3 paragraphs each, depending on the the length of the article or reading which may require a longer response. No outside sources should be used, except for the attached articles which includes the following: New Trends in Teacher Evaluation,” The Halloween Party; The Name is Mr. Cole; The Buckley Amendment,” “Multiple Choice to Multiple Rubrics” and Images of Struggle and Triumph: Using Picture Books to Teach about Civil Rights,” “Making the TCI Approach Your Own (ONLY based on Part 4 of Bring Learning Alive textbook attachment), Seven Habits to Learn (respond to each point in your Reading Log in terms of how each applies to the teaching profession), Its Just Too Much!; Successful K-12 Student Teaching Experiences.

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