write a research paper in which you analyze, synthesize and evaluate the research done on a specific topic related to intercultural communication.

Option 1: Research Paper (Literature Review) – (see grading rubric) This option will give you the opportunity to analyze a specific topic of interest to you. You may choose a topic that we have discussed in class and research it further or choose a new intercultural topic (e.g., the role of culture in the classroom, cultural writing styles, culture in business settings, intercultural training, identity development).
A good research paper for this course should have a specific rather than a general topic, a specific research question or questions that inform(s) your writing, a clear and well-supported theme, and adequate information on your chosen topic. Because the focus of this paper will be on existing literature, you have to use a minimum of 10 academic (peer-reviewed) journal articles or book chapters.Will submit original proposal this was the professor’s response:This is a great topic for the final paper! Just make sure that you define “cultural differences” in the final paper. Based on the researcher, this term is conceptualized differently. Although all of the questions you raised in the proposal are good, choose one as the guiding question in the final paper.

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