Write a research proposal for a topic in your major (or any field of interest) that examines a specific problem using a spatial or geographic perspective. A research proposal includes a thorough description of what you want to study, why you want to study it, why there is a need for it to be studied and how you are going to study the issue.

Your proposal should be submitted in canvas by Monday 12/3, 11:59pm
TOPIC what are your interests?
BACKGROUND RESEARCH what is already known about this topic? Now that Ive read some of the
information that is out there, what do I really want to learn about this topic? What questions have I
developed by reading about this topic?
SPECIFIC QUESTION what specifically do you want to know about the topic? Is this a question that
can be answered?
VARIABLES what kind of data might you need to collect in order to answer your research question.
The variables are the categories of data that you would collect. They are the column headers in your
database (if you were to create a data base).
DATA Now that you have identified the variables or categories of data that you need to collect,
determine how you would actually collect that data.
o WHAT KIND OF DATA WILL YOU USE? http://www.sagepub.com/sites/default/files/upmbinaries/10919_Chapter3.pdf
Quantitative broad term referring to scientific methods that incorporate some
combination of collecting numerical data such as metric-level measurements, collecting
data using relatively structured and closed-ended approaches and formats, and
analyzing data with numerical and statistical approaches.
Qualitative – broad term referring to scientific methods that incorporate some
combination of collecting nonnumerical data such as verbal or pictorial records,
collecting data using relatively unstructured and open-ended approaches and formats,
and analyzing data with nonnumerical and nonstatistical approaches.
Collect it yourself through fieldwork (primary data)
Consider costs, feasibility, time frame
Gather it from other sources (secondary data)
What format is it in? Do you need to manipulate it? Is the scale acceptable
How will you use or put together the data that you have in order to answer your
research question? How will you analyze the data?
STEP 2: WRITING THE RESEARCH PROPOSAL this is the part you have to submit:
Use the format below to structure your proposal. Your submission should be organized
in an outline form. The actual sections of your proposal should be in complete
sentences and paragraphs. Your proposal should be 2-3 pages in length.

Below are instructions for how to complete each section of the proposal.
1. TITLE: Create a title that concisely represents the research question you will be addressing.
a. PERSONAL EXPLANATION: Explain the background and issues related to your proposed
research. How did you come to be interested in this subject? It is acceptable to use personal
pronouns in this section, though that may not always be the case when writing proposals. I do
want to know your personal interest in the subject.
b. LITERATURE REVIEW: What is already known about this issue in your field of study? To answer
this question, you will need to search relevant academic sources, read a selection of articles
about or related to your topic and then summarize in this section what you learn. You must
examine and cite no less than 5 sources. An easy way to begin this process is to enter your
question or topic into into google scholar https://scholar-google-
com.proxy.lib.miamioh.edu/schhp?hl=en&as_sdt=0,36 . I dont expect you to become an
expert in the field but you should have a sense of how to research and then summarize what
has already been written about your topic.
c. CONTRIBUTION TO LITERATURE: What can your research contribute to what is already known
about the issue? Specifically, what can your research add to what you learned about the topic
in the previous section? Be sure to address how using a spatial or geographic perspective
contributes to the existing knowledge.
a. Formulate a question that is focused and can be clearly answered.
4. METHODOLOGY: This section should describe how you plan to answer your research question. This
section should include:
a. A brief description of your overall methodology what are you going to do and how?
b. Identify each of your variables and describe the data that you would collect for each of them.
The description of the data should include the type of data, the source(s) for the data and the
means by which you will gather the data.
c. Describe how you will analyze the data in order to answer your research question.
a. Be sure to cite all sources used. Your sources should be academic (no Wikipedia or comparable
sites). These section should be a list of the sources that you used in the other sections of this
paper. You will have most likely cited sources in the Literature review section and in identifying
sources of your data. The sources of data can be websites. Citations should be formatted in
APA style.

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