write a thesis-driven essay that discusses your interpretation of two literary works based on a particular theme: Neil Gaiman’s “How To Talk To Girls At Parties” and Kristen Roupenian’s “Cat Person,” so make sure to review them before you begin the timed exam.

You will have a prompt; you will not be writing an essay on whatever you want but will be responding to a particular question.Remember that evidence to support your thesis statements should be provided in the form of DIRECT QUOTATIONS from the literary works you are discussing. It is not enough to simply describe the plot summary of a literary work. Your claims should be supported by quotes from the literature. You will also be required to quote from two secondary sources: the Horton article about Gaiman’s story, and either Treisman’s interview or Garber’s article about Roupenian’s story. This means you are required to cite from a minimum of four sources–the two primary texts and two secondary sources. In addition to relying on the literary works for evidence, you must incorporate secondary sources that are relevant to your argument.You have two hours (120 minutes)to complete an essay that includes a thesis that makes it is clear your essay will discuss two literary works together and properly introduced quotations that are cited. You are not required to create a Works Cited page, but there should be proper in-text citations in the body of the essay.

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