write a two- four page medication and treatment review. Use the following vignette to guide your creativity on how, given your extensive knowledge on neuron communication, you would advise Jessica.

You have the option of writing the paper as though it is for Jessicas doctor or you can write a more generic term paper.
Jessica feels she is barely making it. She works 40 hours and commutes 90 minutes every day. She is a busy 50 year old mom. She suffers from insomnia. Her insomnia has forced her to give up her social life and gym workouts. She is simply too tired and depleted. She drinks four to five cups of coffee per day to keep awake and tries to catch a nap whenever possible. She goes to bed at 11:00 PM. She usually falls asleep in less than 15 minutes, but occasionally it seems to take her hours to fall asleep. She wakes up three to four times per night and sometimes wont fall asleep for hours. Sometimes she turns on the TV to entertain her until she falls asleep around 4:30 AM. She will stay asleep until about 7:30 AM and awaken very tired.
Her doctor stated that she is healthy except for excessive sleepiness, fatigue, 15 extra pounds, and a lack of energy. A psychiatric interview revealed high stress levels, but no evidence of depression, anxiety, or other psychopathology. After reading this vignette and the struggles of Jessica, write a summary of sleep, sleep disorders, and sleep treatment. Include all of the following information in your paper to get maximum credit.
Paragraph 1 = Define sleep
Define sleep and detail the typical sleep cycle.
Describe the optimal amounts for newborns, adolescents, and adults.
How does sleep amount or timing change as adults age into late adulthood (over age 70)?
Paragraph 2: Thesis
State a thesis about whether you believe that taking the highly prescribed medication Zolpidem is a good solution to sleep difficulties.
Include how Zolpidem works in the body using psycho-biology terminology with specific neurotransmitters, receptors, etc.
Include information about the medications usefulness including time of effect taking place, ability to work in one day versus 7 days, does it only work for 1 hour or does it last several hours or even 24 hours.
Which populations should not use it?
Are there side effects and if so list them and state the level of danger?
Is it addictive? Describe and define addiction from a psycho-biology perspective. Is it similar to
other addictive medications, if so, how?
Paragraph 3: Define and describe sleep hygiene and use PSYC 250 terms
Paragraph 3 should address sleep hygiene and what would best help Jessica.
Describe and define sleep hygiene

Give at least one benefit and one limitation of sleep hygiene. Paragraph 4: Define and describe alternatives to medication
You should clearly promote an alternate treatment for Jessica even if your thesis supports taking Zolpidem.
Paragraph 4 should be 1 alternative other than a prescribed medication.
Define, describe, and give evidence of your alternative treatments effectiveness
Give at least one benefit and one limitation for your alternative.
Your alternative MAY NOT be cannabis.
Paragraph 5: Conclusion
Restate your thesis
Conclude why your thesis is correct using key words from paragraph 2, 3, and 4.
Do not exceed 1100 words, double space using 12 point Times New Roman font, and write your full name on every page, include page numbers, date, PSYCH BIO 250, and word count. This paper is due in CANVAS and Safe Assign will be used.
Grammar and syntax are important! Ask a peer or the writing center to proof read a finished draft. Do not simply cut/paste material from other sources (see Safe Assign above). Use references from your text and other reliable sources and this paper should not have direct quotations. Instead, paraphrase resources to demonstrate your command of the material. You do not need a Works Cited separate page.

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