Write out at least one substantive paragraphs for each answer, include examples. Use the textbook as one source.

Do not copy definitions right from the book. Write out the answers in your own writing. You may write in first person include your own perspectives, examples, and opinions. Do not cut and paste information from sources. Turnitin will be used in grading. Only 20% similarity is allowed. You may type in your answers under each of the questions, save the test as Word Doc. and then email this back to me. 10 pts. each.
Define and/or discuss each of the following:

1. Major depressive disorder with seasonal pattern
2. Jet lag
3. Sleep terror
4. Sleep apnea
5. Sudden infant death Syndrome
6. Narcolepsy
7. Zeitgebers
8. Sleep paralysis
9. Classical conditioning
10. Operant Conditioning
11. Observational Learning
12. Psychoneuroimmunology
13. What is Neuropsychology
14. Definition/examples of Neurocognitive disorders

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