Write the evaluation in a tone that you would like to receive criticism in.

The final essay assignment for CM180 is to write a short essay that assess group projects and presentations submitted by your classmates on Blackboard. This assignment gives you the opportunity to examine video projects and presentations by three other groups, to demonstrate your knowledge of communication theories by assessing their use by others, and to review overall course concepts.You (as an individual, not a group) will evaluate the video messages and presentations by the three groups that follow yours numerically (see full list below). You will write a one-page assessment of each project and presentation (one page per group you evaluate; three pages total). Each evaluation should include 2-3 things the group did well and 1-2 specific recommendations for improving the project. The recommendations should be theory based and should not completely change the project (i.e., dont simply write what you would have done if youd have picked the topic; do suggest the incorporation of a specific different theory in a particular way). Your recommendation(s) should be clear, substantive, and supported by the theories learned during the semester. You can question the accuracy of the use of particular theories or their explanation in the presentation.Your evaluation should be written in a manner that is polite, clear, constructive, and helpful. Mean-spirited evaluations or those written in a rude and insulting manner will earn ZERO points. Members of the group you evaluate will be able to read your assessment and will know you wrote it.The essays will be submitted two ways. First, upload a three-page document containing both evaluations to the TurnItIn folder on the course Blackboard page. Second, post each individual groups assessment to the discussion thread they created on the course Blackboard page to post their video and presentation links (be careful to add your post to the correctly numbered group post). You can cut and paste the groups evaluation from your word doc into the discussion thread.

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