1-How would you describe your personal thoughts and beliefs regarding the concepts inherent in Nursing Knowledge: Nursing, the Person, Health and the Environment.

Write a 3-4 (no more than 5 pp in body of paper) page paper that expresses your thoughts as to how you would explain your personal philosophy/ worldview about your Nursing practice and those concepts that will guide your journey into becoming an APRN/CRNA/DNP. Consider: You may choose to incorporate some of your readings from the theorist modules; but be sure to not just summarize what the theorists said, but also to discuss your interpretation of how you would personally apply their ideas. Your worldview of these concepts may be a combination of one or more theorists interpreted your way. 2-The Mission of Barry University encompasses four Core Commitments to our students education and to the community. These core commitments are to: Knowledge and truth; Inclusive community; Social Justice; Collaborative Service. How would your personal philosophy of nursing incorporate one or more of these concepts? 3-Integrate and Summarize your thoughts about your personal philosophy of nursing. 4- You may cite any of the readings from this course to provide support and/or evidence for your thoughts. You should also include at least 5 outside references in your discussion, taken from any evidence-based source in any discipline that might be needed to support your ideas. NUR 721 Personal Philosophy of Nursing Paper Scoring Rubric Component Possible Points Actual Points Addresses all 4 nursing knowledge concepts 40 Personal application of and discussion of Core Commitment (s) 25 Summarizes Personal Philosophy 15 Clarity of ideas 5 Cites at least 5 articles chosen from references not provided in the course materials 10 APA Format 5 100 points Even though this paper represents your thoughts on a personal philosophy, it is still a scholarly paper. When scholars want to include their own thoughts in a paper they refer to themselves as, “the Author felt, thought. etc.”. So I would suggest that you do the same. NOTE TO WRITER: PLEASE USE 5 REFERENCES EXCLUDING THE COURSE TEXTBOOKS. TO ACCESS MY TEXTBOOKS PLEASE SIGN IN TO ereader.chegg.com username: lillymoya@hotmail.com password: Barry2018 YOU WILL SEE SIX BOOKS. THE ONES FOR THIS COURSE ARE: The doctor of nursing practice essentials AND clinical research for the doctor of nursing practice.

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