1. Understand the role of selection, mutation, and genetic drift in evolutionary processes and recognize the scientific evidence of evolution; provide examples that demonstrate evolution as an ongoing process and recognize that diversity is the result of evolutionary adaption to environmental pressures

As you work through Part 2 of the course, please write a responses to the following course learning objectives. You should read through the textbook, watch videos, and do the assignments so that your answers can be more thoughtful. This is a “low stakes” writing assignment, which means that I will not grade the content or mechanics of writing. Feel free to practice your writing and use this assignment to reflect on what you are learning. However, you should only include relevant material to the course objectives. At the end, your grade for this assignment will be based on completion. The Writing Journals will count towards the Gordon Rule requirement.
2. Understand that scientists have a taxonomic framework, based on phylogeny, in place for grouping organisms according to ancestral relationships and that this framework is constantly being refined as new information becomes available3. Describe relationships that exist between different organisms and between organisms and their environments; provide and describe examples of various types of these ecological relationships4. Understand the effects of anthropogenic activities on the biosphere including climate change and ocean acidification

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