Discuss in detail 3 challenges they face today concerning optimization, and how they plan to meet these challenges.

Take- Home Test # 2Please complete all 5 questions that are listed below. Your answers should be well written and concise, and be at 3 full paragraphs in length. Please make sure your answers follow the proper APA styles of writing: including footnoting and are double spaced. Please include a cover page and Work Cited. Your test is due on Sunday, Nov. 4th. 2018 to Canvas. (Each question is worth 20 points. Please answer n as much detail as possible) The text examines the Migros retail chain (Chapter 8), and some of the challenges they face today optimizing the whole logistics network throughout Europe.
2. Despite its present financial difficulties, LEGOLAND ( Chapter 10), is always looking for ways to extend its brand directly to support its core activities. List 2 ways they intend to do this? What lessons can LEGO offer retailers seeking to use leisure services as a way of extending their brand? 3. At Auchan, (Chapter 12), we want to move away from being a distributor of products to being a creator of solutions that improve the standard of living for the majority of people. However, there remains the question of how to organize to make sure that this positioning brings uniqueness to the market. Discuss in detail, three ways that Auchan is doing to accomplish this? Steve Gilman, International Director of B & Q discusses his companys approach to doing business in China (Chapter 13). Choose any International retail company that is doing business in the Chinese market, and compare their approach to B & Q.
Food retailing is still far from being a global business. The top ten food retailers have a worldwide market share of approximately 11 percent. (Chapter 14). Discuss three strategies that retailers hope to implement to gain market share in the future?

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