Analyze the concepts, ideas, theories, and themes of Thomas Hobbes mostly from the book, “Classics of Political and Moral Philosophy” and Mary Astell from any source.

This paper is an analysis of the concepts, ideas, and theories presented by two authors. This paper is NOT ABOUT A SUMMARY; it is an analysis. Do not use first person. Use neutral language. YOU MUST USE Astell and NOT Spark notes, Cliff notes, or so quick interpretation of Astell. Footnotes (CMS) or MLA, grammar corrected (error free), 4 pages of analysis, one bibliography page, one cover page. Requires research and a trip to the library. The expectation is that you find the key points of the philosophers arguments, i.e., the strengths, and critically evaluate them. Then, you need to find the weaknesses in the arguments and present them. Suggestion: Ask questions, and ponder the readings.

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