Present a thoughtful analysis of how the ad works to achieve its intended aim. Avoid merely summarizing the ad’s audio/visual content or plot; instead, focus on explaining how key elements contribute to the overall message of the ad.

Include supporting research from the Pathos, Ethos, and Logos in Advertising video (from Step 1), one credible, in-depth article from the library databases, and one additional credible, in-depth article that may come from the databases or online. (Consult your instructor if you want to use additional sources.)
Include APA-Style in-text citations within the essay to indicate which sentences contain quotes, paraphrases and summaries of information from your sources.
Include a references page with APA Style reference entries for all research sources and the advertisement that you chose to analyze.
Follow APA Style, including formatting the title page, essay body, and references page according to APA guidelines. Do not include an abstract. Do not include images. See sample essay at
Be carefully proofread for grammatical, capitalization, and spelling errors.Need only 700 words minimum.

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