Analyze the general external environment. Are any changes taking place in the macro environment that might have an impact on firms competitive industry?

This paper does not need an introduction or conclusion, only a paper on the External and Internal Environment Analysis. Any reference found online should include the active URL link on the reference page. The course is Strategic Management & Business Policy and the course textbook is: Strategic Management: Concepts Edition: 3rd Frank Rothaermel ISBN-13: 978-1259420474 ISBN-10: 1259420477 If you have access to this text, please use it as one of the references. The company is Pfizer and each of the following questions should be addressed: External Environment Analysis What factors are most significant? What might be the effect on the firms industry? b) Analyze the competitive environment using the Five Forces Model. What does this model tell you about the competition in this industry? c) How dynamic is the firms industry; is the industry reshaping the competitive environment, or has it recently undergone restructuring? d) What strategic groups exist in the industry? Is competition intense across those strategic groups? Internal Environment Analysis a) What are the internal resources, capabilities, core competencies, and the value chain of the selected firm? i. What are its tangible and intangible assets? ii. Which, if any, of its resources are helpful in sustaining the firms competitive advantage (refer to VRIO framework if preferred)? b) What is the quality of its strategic leadership? c) Discuss the firms competitive use of technology.

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