Describe the Systematic Empirical Process used in the development and validation of the Theory of Caring and Healing (Swanson).

2) After reading the family theory articles and Chapter 23 in Butts and Rich respond to the following questions: (a) consider Purnell’s Model for Cultural Competence, the cultural domain of Family Roles and Organization (Butts & Rich pages 583-584). What is the relationship between family and culture? How can cultural theories and models be used to understand families and amily theories? Choose at least two 2 of the suggested questions(558-559)that would assist the advance practice nurse in performing a cultural assessment and explain the importance of obtaining this information from the questions you have chosen. How can an understanding of family theory assist the APN to intervene to promote health in a family. Provide and example and use one of the family theories in your example. 3) Both enduring and emotional suffering trigger emotions in observers. How do these emotions differ? Which kinds of responses in the observer do they elicit? In responding to this question consider the concept of vicarious trauma and the incidence of post traumatic stress in military Veteran healthcare provider who have treated combat injuries but the healthcare providers themelves were not involved in direct combat.

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