Analyze the significance of the bayou in Beyond the Bayou and what it might represent to La Folle, to Cheri and/or to the community as a whole.

Think about the story as a whole and also the historical context of it. Be specific and provide evidence for what you argue.Write a 600-word essay (plus or minus 5%) on one of the following subjects. You are encouraged to view these subjects as points of departure for your own topic or approach, which you then encapsulate in your thesis statement. Remember that your word count does NOT include direct quotations, but DOES include paraphrases.Construct your essay using a thesis statement that links to the topic sentences of the paragraphs, and develop each of your paragraphs to about 120 words. Use academic English in your writing.This assignment does not require secondary source materials. If you use any outside research, make certain it is of sufficient quality to be included in your essay, and document it correctly in-text and on your Works Cited page. Remember that for this course, Wikipedia is not considered an appropriate source. You can access Library Resources on the course toolbar for information regarding the MacEwan library resources and information on MLA format. You must document any paraphrases and/or quotations from the short story using in-text citations and a Works Cited page.

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