choose a governmental organization of your choice and browse their website, Twitter, or Facebook. Using your chosen organization’s website or social media platform, find links to a short, informal report.

Compare these reports to the examples we learned about in Chapter 15 and respond to the prompts below:In your discussion post, you should include:The organization you chose and the link to your report (or upload it as an attachment). –Your list of criteria for evaluation of the report (3-5 bullet points total). (When identifying your criteria, ask yourself: What characterizes a successful report upon which you, the reader, can rely? For example, maybe one of your criteria is for the report to list all the authors and their backgrounds/credentials.)– A brief analysis paragraph which applies your criteria to your chosen report (3-5 sentences total). (For example, if your report lists the authors but not their credentials or affiliations, this would be something to note here). –A brief conclusion paragraph which addresses: What is your overall assessment of the report? Would you characterize the report as informational or analytical? What changes would you suggest to the organization in regards to how they could make their report more accessible and understandable to their target audience? (4-6 sentences total).

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