Apply the rule-utilitarian moral decision-making procedure to the following moral decision-making situation.

Prior to doing so, you are required to explain (in its entirety) the moral decision-making procedure that you have chosen to apply. During the process of the application of the moral decision-making procedure that you have selected, you are required to make use of all the relevant factual information with which you have been provided in the case. You are strictly prohibited from using any source, other than your own mind, for purposes of the application of the moral decision-making procedure that you have chosen to use. In other words, this is a “thinking paper project”. No internet sources are accepted in the paper. Maya had only recently graduated from a relatively small state college, in the state in which she had been born and raised, with her master’s degree in sports administration. Prior to her graduation, she had interviewed for more than one-half dozen employment positions each of which required a master’s degree in a field like her own. Fortunately, she had recieved two offers. The first offer was for a middle management position with a professional minor league baseball team in a state that was over one thousand miles from her home state. The second offer was for a position as assistant athletic director for the men’s basketball program at the flagshio capus of her own state’s university system. This second offer was accepted by Maya for three fundamental reasons: first, she knew much more about basketball than about baseball; second, this offer paid much better than the other one, and third, to accept this position would allow her to remain a president of her home state, and thereby, to be closer to her family. Her duties, as assistant athletic director, put Maya in a position to knoe about the academic services that the university provides to the student-athletes who are members about the basketball team. These include study sessions with academic counselors and other academic support services, each of which is designed to have the student-athletes achieve and maintain atleast the minimum grade point average as required by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). Satisfying this required minimum grade point average of 2.0 is in virtually everyone’s interest, including; the student, the team, the study body, the alumni, the university, the NCAA, and the television networks that pay top dollar to broadcast the games of top-ranked Division I basketball programs like the one for which Maya is now working. Although not directly related to her work responsibilities, some four months into her new job, Maya became aware of the fact that non-student athletes were being paid by basketball program personnel to take exams for two of the best players on the team, especially in large survey classes. She also learned that there was a database on the hard drive of a university computer that had been assigned to the men’s basketball program’s study suit and that included all and only papers on topics in which a variety of academic disciplines the purpose of which was to allow student-athletes on the team to submit “recycled”papers to their professions. What should Maya do concerning her discovery of these facts?

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