Are women different from men in terms that require an ethical response?

This continues to be a serious question in every culture and the answers are varied. At one extreme there are cultures that argue that biology is destiny. At the other extreme are cultures that argue the only difference between men and women is that women are discriminated against. Take a position on this question and justify it. What social, biological, moral, religious, family, or personal factors did you take into account? If you argued that there is a difference that requires a moral response, what kind of moral response is appropriate? How significant is the issue in comparison to other issues? How do your experiences as a woman or man (or intersex person) shape your responses?Good approachon time, on topic, appropriate length, complies with assignment criteriaGood responsescomplies with assignment instructions in an appropriate and well-supported manner using at least one text reference and an example or other evidence.Good thinkinginsightful, creative or otherwise synthetic approach, suggestive of further lines of inquiry, or integrative of multiple course concepts,APAAPA references and other style features.Writing Style (grammar, usage)excellent academic English, correct spelling, good sentence structure, good word choice, etc.

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