As part of this discussion, include a brief critical assessment of these arguments. Are there any aspects of these historical accounts that you disagree with? On what grounds?

Many scholars have argued that there have been two major shifts in modes of communication, first from oral to literate, and then from literate to electronic. Write an essay giving a detailed and concrete explanation of the nature and significance of ONE of these shifts (that is, EITHER the shift from oral to literate, OR the shift from literate to electronic). In either case, consider as well the difference between writing and print as forms of literate culture. Pay careful attention to the social, political, and/or cultural changes that went along with these changes.
Pay attention especially to whether or how the perspectives on Indigeneity developed by Chelsea Vowel OR Laura Smith might offer a challenge to the history that you describe. To reiterate, for all aspects of the paper, including your own analysis, make sure to offer concrete, specific, and verifiable evidence in support of your claims.

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