Choose a competitive race or a ballot measure from the California ballot and write a 4-6 page paper.

Your paper should detail what position the candidates are running for (what will the position require of the person who gets elected) or what the ballot measure does. You should then give a brief description of where the ballot measure came from (what issue is it trying to solve) or some background info on each candidate. The main part of your paper will include research on who is for and against the candidate or ballot measure and why they hold these positions. Finally, your paper should include your prediction of the outcome of the election. In order to make your prediction, you should research what other people are predicting for the outcome of the election. This is not an opinion paper! Your paper should be backed up by research and your conclusions should be drawn from that research, not necessarily what you want to happen, but what you think will happen given the population that will be voting in the election. You should read some articles about what sort of voter turnout to expect in this election cycle and show that you have some knowledge of what is going on outside of just this one race or ballot measure.

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