As you plan your White paper, consider the needs and expectations of your audience.What does your audience expect from you?

Overview: The purpose of the White Paper is to address a health/behavioral related issue within an emerging city. You are to then come up with an innovative solution to address this disparity. The target audience will be either the Baltimore City Health Department Commissioner or one from a selected city of choice. A brief description of the Baltimore City Commissioner has been provided to give you an idea of the target audience as well as the issues that she desires to address. The issues are provided within the Baltimore City Issues link. If you select an alternate commissioner from another area, please indicate this within your White paper. Target Audience: Baltimore City Health Department Commissioner (Leana Wen, MD, MSc) Baltimore City Issues: Healthy Baltimore 2020

What does your audience already know about your topic?
What do you expect your audience to use in your report?
1. Title: Select a title that both conveys the specific purpose of the White paper and one that will gain attention of your intended audience 2. Summary: May be in the form of an abstract (150 words) 3. Introduction: This section may include statistics and facts (majority of the content is abstracted from your selected articles) 4. Background/Problem: Provides information about the topic or problem introduced in the White Paper. This section includes a discussion of the importance of the topic or solution. You should include detailed findings in this section.Questions to consider include:What is the topic or the problem?Why is the topic or problem important?How does the topic or problem directly affect the audience? Proposed Solution: Provides the proposed solution or solutions to the problem.Provide all feasible solutions for the reader:Describe how the solution(s) would be implemented.Provide information about costs associated with the solution (You may include an approximate amount if needed) 6. Conclusion: This section should summarize the White Paper and include the recommended solution to the problem, if applicable. 7. References: Must have no less than 10 articlesAppendix Section: All Visual material/graphics will be located in this section

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