Explain how your findings contribute to knowledge about your chosen group Make suggestions for future research

1. Introduction (1-2 paragraphs) Identifies group/subculture under investigation and reasons for study Narrows focus to introduce specific study subject Identifies a central research question related to an issue, aspect or problem faced by the group Presents thesis statement 2. Main Body (4-6 paragraphs) Gives brief synopsis of study subjects story/experience Uses direct quotations (taken from interview-style questions) to represent the study subjects point of view, opinions, etc. Analyses primary source material (study subject) to assess the bigger picture/group situation to which the study subject belongs o What can you tell about the nature of the group from the study subjects experience? o What are the most important features / problems / issues / questions? Introduces 2 secondary sources (critical theories from articles or books) related to the subject to support and expand discussion of the topic Considers the relation between the study subject, the group, and existing research or thinking on this topic 3. Conclusion (1 paragraph)

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