Assume that your reader has little or no prior familiarity with this topic. In view of the above, avoid unnecessary jargon. In view of the above, carefully explain any technical terms that you deem necessary.

Your paper should be 8 pages in length, double-spaced. The title page and the works cited page will not count toward fulfilling the page requirement. Use MLA format when preparing the main text, especially in-text citations, and when creating the Works Cited page. It is vitally important that you cite carefully, accurately, and with sincere regard for attribution. The topic of this paper is according to personal preference. This does not mean that any topic is acceptable. Rather, any topic that involves philosophical treatment of an issue in religion, religious life, or religious studies is acceptable. For example, an essay on the historical development of the orthodox Christian understanding of the Incarnation, with an eye to various heresies that developed along the way, would be inappropriate, whereas an essay on the proper conceptual understanding of the Incarnation would be appropriate. (Whether the latter is an ideal topic is another matter.) If you were to write on the issue of whether the ontological argument is successful, you would be obliged to argue for or against its soundness, coming to a definite conclusion on the matter. In general, your conclusion should follow from the relevant information that you have presented, along with the philosophical theories and general principles that you have brought to bear on your thesis. An assortment of tips: Avoid tedious introductions that invoke the entire history of humankind. Simply orient the reader, and then get to work. More positively and precisely, provide a strong opening thesis statement conveying what your paper is going to accomplish. Make judicious use of examples. A few well-chosen and well-framed examples will support your thesis better than a large number of examples strung together. Use at least three external sources (sources not found on the syllabus) of high quality.

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